What questions should high school students athletes and their parents should ask recruiters?

  1. How many seniors do you have graduating?
  2. Does my scholarship include tutoring if needed?
  3. For what reasons could I possibly lose my recruitment?
  4. Can I possibly start my Freshman year?
  5. How will you develop my skills?
  6. What is the culture of the school?
  7. How can you meet our academic goals?
  8. What are you going to do to get my child exposure to college coaches?
  9. If I’m injured will I automatically lose my scholarship?
  10. How many players do you carry on the roster?
  11. How many other players did you recruit at my position?
  12. Does the team travel for tournaments? If so, what tournaments?
  13. What is your conditioning program like?
  14. How many assistant coaches are there?
  15. Is tutoring or study table time provided or required?
  16. When does school start?
  17. What G.P.A. is required for eligibility?
  18. What equipment or materials are provided by the school?
  19. What time are practices and how often are they?
  20. Will you help me find an AAU team and/or place to play in the summertime?